About Nuclear for Australia

About Nuclear for Australia

Nuclear for Australia is Australia’s first youth-lead campaign for nuclear energy founded in December 2022 by then 16-year-old Will Shackel: a Year 11 student from Brisbane. 

Will first stumbled across nuclear energy in Grade 4 when investigating solutions to climate change with his enduring interest in the subject culminating in him choosing to investigate the subject in further depth in a Year 10 Commerce Assignment. It was then that he realised the nuclear energy was banned in Australia.

During his Christmas school holidays he decided to continue his research into nuclear energy which included speaking to experts around the world to understand their perspectives on the subject. He concluded that nuclear energy was a solution that could benefit Australia. 

Will's ambition for nuclear energy to be considered in Australia lead him to start posting facts, information and interviews with experts on social media and launch a petition to legalise nuclear energy. As these initiatives gained momentum, in May 2023 after sending a letter to the Prime Minister, Will Shackel appeared solo in a Senate Committee live in Canberra advocating for the ban on Nuclear Energy to be lifted. This resulted in national media attention with interviews on Sunrise, Ben Fordham Live, 3AW Mornings with Neil Mitchell, ABC Brisbane Drive with Steve Austin, Chris Kenny on Sky News, A Current Affair and Q&A.

Today, our petition to legalise Nuclear Energy has over 10,000 signatures with strong engagement across our social media pages where we share facts, information and interviews with experts to educate and inform people about the opportunity of nuclear energy. Will now works with other young people from across Australia who share his passion for nuclear energy. 

Nuclear for Australia is an incorporated entity pending non-for-profit status. 

Our goal is to encourage the consideration of nuclear energy in Australia to help address the energy and climate crisis.