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Kirsty Braybon

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Kirsty Braybon is a nuclear law expert. 

She is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in the nuclear, energy, resources, and government sectors. Currently she serves as the Principal of Braybon Advisory and an Adjunct Lecturer in Nuclear Law at the University of Adelaide. In her role at Braybon Advisory, she offers comprehensive advisory services utilising her legal, policy, commercial and strategic expertise. At the University of Adelaide, Kirsty is a nuclear law subject matter expert and is working alongside Professor Dale Stephens to deliver a comprehensive nuclear law course focusing on nuclear-powered submarines at the request of the Department of Defence. Prior to this, she was the inaugural Head of Legal for the Australian Radioactive Waste Agency. In this position, she was instrumental in the formation and development of the agency, a key government body responsible for overseeing the management of Australia’s radioactive waste. In this capacity, Kirsty was an early contributor to the AUKUS program, providing advice on major project development, nuclear liability and legal risk mitigation.

Kirsty's career spans over a decade, during which she worked as a major projects lawyer in the mining, petroleum, and nuclear industries. She also held a significant role within the South Australian Department for Energy and Mining, where she provided comprehensive advice and managed the complete rewrite of South Australia's mining laws. Before her government roles, Kirsty specialised in energy, resources, and corporate law across multi-national law firms, providing legal advice to energy and resource industry participants.

Academically, Kirsty has excelled as an award-winning author, lecturer, and holds an adjunct position with the University of Adelaide. She holds a Bachelor of Law from Flinders University, a Master of Law and a Higher Degree of Research from the University of Western Australia, and a Graduate Diploma of International Nuclear Law with the International School of Nuclear Law at the University of Montpellier in France. Kirsty actively engages in peer reviews, publishes academic articles, and presents at conferences and public forums on various topics, including environmental law, mining law, nuclear law, and energy law.

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