Press Release: Coalition Nuclear Policy - Nuclear for Australia

Press Release: Nuclear Experts Respond to Coalition Nuclear Policy

Press Release: Coalition Nuclear Policy

Nation’s leading nuclear advocacy group responds to Coalition Policy

Nuclear for Australia Press Release Re. Coalition Nuclear Announcement
June 19th 2024

Nuclear for Australia is the nation’s largest nuclear advocacy group representing hundreds of thousands of Australians and a team of Australia’s best nuclear experts Chaired by the former CEO of ANSTO Adi Paterson.

Main Points Re. Coalition Policy Announcement:

1) Nuclear for Australia welcomes the coalition’s contribution to the nuclear discussion and move to lift the bans on nuclear energy.

2)We welcome the valuable ideas the Coalition's policy brings, but recognise it warrants deeper discussion about our nuclear roadmap.

3) The Coalition's proposed policy is complex and will take time to analyse. We do not formally endorse the Coalition policy at this time.

4) We believe that experts, not politicians, should guide energy & nuclear policy in Australia including the selection of technologies, regulatory frameworks and build proposals. We welcome that the Coalition policy recognises parts of this.

5) We call on Federal, State and Territory Governments and all political parties to join in the nuclear conversation to lift the nuclear power bans. The global best practice for successful nuclear power plant development is with strong bipartisan support. This is consistent with the experiences of other countries.

6) We condemn the fear based campaigns currently afoot and call on our nation’s leaders to stop the fear campaign (three eyed mutant fish, radioactive koloas and cooling towers above the Sydney opera house) and engage with Nuclear for Australia and its expert groups in a fact based debate.

7) The nuclear bans are out of step with public opinion, outdated and ignore the global evidence that nuclear is safe, low carbon, reliable and effective.

8) Australia is already a nuclear power nation. From our commitment to the Australian ownership and operation of nuclear submarines with AUKUS to the internationally recognised work undertaken by ANSTO and ARPANSA.

9) Given the respect ANSTO and ARPANSA receive globally, policy focus should be on eliminating the ban and all parties adopting modern, safe nuclear power for the people of Australia and its future prosperity.