Zion Lights Q&A - Nuclear for Australia

Zion Lights x Nuclear for Australia Q&A

Zion Lights x Nuclear for Australia Q&A


Thank you for signing our petition to legalise Nuclear Energy to access this event. 

Welcome to our livestream with British Nuclear Advocate Zion Lights. During the livestream, you will have the option to ask questions with your name or anonymously using the QR Code below or use this link: ASK YOUR QUESTION HERE.

Guest Bio: Zion Lights is a Science Communicator who is known for her environmental advocacy work. She is founder of the evidence-based climate activism group Emergency Reactor and author of The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting. Zion has become a world-leading speaker on clean energy, specifically nuclear energy, and also lectures on effective science communication, tackling misinformation, and climate action. Zion is also a keen astronomer who has given a TED talk on the importance of stargazing. She is the former Editor of The Hourglass, Extinction Rebellion's print newspaper, and was also a spokesperson for the group for two years. You can subscribe to Zion's SubStack or follow her on Twitter @ziontree.

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