Thank you for signing the petition - Nuclear for Australia

Thank you for signing the petition

Thank You for Supporting Nuclear Energy!

You've taken a crucial step towards shaping Australia's future. 

Around the world, a nuclear renaissance is happening. Over 50 countries, including our Pacific Island and Southeast Asian partners, are considering nuclear power. Even Italy is rethinking its stance. Australia's nuclear ban is out of touch. We're the only G20 member with this restriction, risking our economic competitiveness.

The choices politicians make now affect my generation's future. Without pragmatic action, we'll face climate change, energy poverty, and economic instability. That's why I've launched Australia's first youth-led campaign, focused on facts and expert opinions.

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By sharing this petition, you can help to raise awareness and advocate for nuclear energy as a safe, zero-carbon, and reliable solution.

Thank you for joining the movement to build a sustainable future.