Nuclear for Australia launches 'Facts. Not Politics' appeal - Nuclear for Australia

Nuclear for Australia launches 'Facts. Not Politics' appeal

Nuclear for Australia launches 'Facts. Not Politics' appeal

Today, Nuclear for Australia is proud to announce our new initiative 'Facts not politics' to reset Australia's nuclear debate.

Nuclear for Australia, the nation’s largest grassroots movement for nuclear energy, today announced the launch of its 'Facts. Not Politics' appeal. This groundbreaking initiative aims to refocus the nuclear power debate in Australia on evidence-based information and expert insights, moving away from politicised political rhetoric.

According to Will Shackel, founder of Nuclear for Australia, “This appeal is a crucial step towards an informed discussion on nuclear power in Australia. We are bringing the facts to the forefront, supported by leading experts in the field. Our goal is to ensure that the conversation around nuclear energy is driven by knowledge and expertise, not political agendas.”

The appeal will create a fighting fund dedicated to educating Australians about the facts and benefits of nuclear power, highlighting its potential as a safe, reliable, and emissions-free energy source. The campaign will feature insights from esteemed nuclear experts, including Adi Patterson, former CEO of ANSTO and chair of Nuclear for Australia, and Jasmine Diab, Australia MD of Global Nuclear Security Partners.

Funds raised through the appeal will be used to reach a broader audience across Australia, aiming to dispel myths and provide factual information about nuclear energy's role in Australia's future.

To support the appeal please use this link: