Nuclear for Australia Launch

Nuclear for Australia Launch

Today marks the launch of Nuclear for Australia: Australia’s first youth lead campaign for Nuclear Energy.

You can watch our launch video here:

After a successful survey, research and interviews with experts around the world we have officially launched our petition to legalise Nuclear Energy and our social media campaign on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Our reasoning for starting this campaign is clear. Australia is experiencing an energy and climate crisis and we need all options on the table to address it. The current prohibition restricts us from a technology which has been proven around the world to provide clean, cheap, safe and reliable energy: everything Australia needs in order to reach our emissions and energy security targets.

Please consider signing our petition and signing up for more exclusive updates through our website (don’t worry we won’t spam you!) so you can stay up to date. 

In addition, please consider following our social media pages where we will be sharing facts and information about Nuclear Energy, promotions so you can help us in our fight, interviews with experts and opportunities to attend events.  

Join thousands of Australians across the country and sign our petition to legalise Nuclear Energy.

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