Our new website nuclearforaustralia.com launches!

Our new website nuclearforaustralia.com launches!

Today we launched our new website nuclearforaustralia.com. Here is a quick explanation of the new website and its features. 

Website launch

Our new website is intended to enhance our campaign efficacy in our effort to advocate for the ban on Nuclear Energy to be lifted. This website consolidates many of our current functions including the petition, communications and contact pathways. As a result, we will be transitioning away from our change.org petition, asking those signatories to transfer their signature to this new website. For more details please read below including FAQs. 

Key Features:

1) Sign the petition

Sign the petition

On the sign the petition page you can add your name to thousands across the country who have signed our petition to legalise nuclear energy. Importantly, we ask that if you have signed our change.org petition that you seriously consider signing the new petition on our website as we transition from change.org in order for your voice to be heard. The change.org signatures will not contribute to the overall count anymore. As a benefit of signing the petition, you will be able to opt in for updates which will provide exclusive content, information, events and other perks. 

Sign the new petition here

2) Join

Join  us

By joining you sign up to updates from Nuclear for Australia. This means you are kept up to date with the nuclear debate, our progress in our campaign and provided access to exclusive content, events and other perks. 

Sign up for email updates

3) Read updates

Read updates

On our new updates page you will find articles written about our progress advocating for the ban on Nuclear Energy to be lifted. These articles include access to documents, videos and other materials we do not publish on our social media pages. In addition to reading the articles, you can also share them in posts to your Facebook or Twitter. 

Read updates here

4) Understand the case

Why nuclear

Our 'Why Nuclear' page covers 5 reasons to support Nuclear Energy. Please join Nuclear for Australia so you can hear about when we update this page with new information and increased detail into the full case. 

Read 'Why Nuclear?' here



1) If I have signed the change.org petition should I sign this one?

Yes. We are in the process of transitioning away from change.org and therefore to make sure your voice is heard we would encourage you to sign our petition on our new website using the link here: nuclearforaustralia.com/petition

2) What does joining Nuclear for Australia mean?

Joining Nuclear for Australia means you are signing up for email updates including access to exclusive content, events and other perks and joining thousands of Australians across the country calling for the ban on Nuclear Energy to be lifted. We currently only allow direct participation from young people as part of our youth working group. 

3) Noting that the donation function is currently done, if I want to make a donation how should I do that?

Please contact us through our contact page regarding contributions: nuclearforaustralia.com/contact

4) I am a young person and want to be involved in Nuclear for Australia, what should I do to express my interest?

Please contact us through our contact page and provide details including your full name, phone number, email, state/territory and if you are a part of a political party. You can find our contact page here: nuclearforaustralia.com/contact


If you have any questions or experience any difficulties, please get in touch. 

Join thousands of Australians across the country and sign our petition to legalise Nuclear Energy. 

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