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About Us

About Us

Nuclear for Australia is a grassroots movement with over 30,000 supporters.

Our goal is to advance the public debate as to the peaceful use of nuclear science, technology and applications. 

The organisation was founded in December 2022 by then 16-year-old Will Shackel. Nuclear for Australia is a registered charity with the ACNC and is chaired by the former CEO of Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) Dr Adi Paterson.


Governance Structure:

Nuclear for Australia is a registered charity with the ACNC.

Nuclear for Australia's board is chaired by Dr Adi Paterson. Further details of Nuclear for Australia's board are available on the ACNC website

In addition to Nuclear for Australia's board, Nuclear for Australia's organisation structure includes an expert and youth working group. 



Dick Smith is a patron of Nuclear for Australia.



1) People first

Nuclear for Australia is a people's movement. We are currently Australia's largest grassroots movement celebrating nuclear sciences with over 20,000 supporters. 

2) Fact based

Nuclear for Australia's mission is to inform Australians about nuclear sciences with the most authoritative information possible. To deliver this objective, we have established an expert working group comprised of Australia's leading nuclear experts which you can read about here. 

3) Non-partisan

Nuclear for Australia has no affiliation with any political party. Neither Nuclear for Australia's founder, Will Shackel, or members of Nuclear for Australia's governance are of have been members of any political party. We believe that nuclear sciences shouldn't be politicised and that supporting nuclear sciences should unite and not divide. 



Prior to March 2024, Nuclear for Australia's primary funding provider was our patron, Dick Smith, who covered establishment legal fees and our founder's trip to COP28. Other minor funds were covered by our founder.

Upon receiving charity status in March 2024, Nuclear for Australia now accepts donations from supporters. Relevant financial reporting will be submitted to the ACNC as required.



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